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After collecting websites that pertained to weddings, I wanted to create a central place that I could share them. These links also relate to almost any party planning! I am NOT associated with any of the vendors or people who created or run these sites... All links are posted in their own groups. Groups are updated if links are broken or new sites are found. Quick Index: ~Updated July 2011

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July 7, 2011

Cake Web Sites

A & S Cakes:
Absolutely Fabulous Cake Creations:
Ana Paz Specialty Cakes:
Auntie B's Wedding Cakes:
Ayoma Cake Masterpieces:
Beautiful Cakes by Ron:
Bonnie Gordon Cakes:
Bouquets of Elegance:
Bridal Tips:
Butterfly Cakes, San Francisco:
Cake Art:
Cake Box:
Cake Divas:
Cake Lady:
Cake Line:
Cake Maker:
Cake Shop of San Diego:
Cake Work:
Cakes By Ann:
Cakes By Sam:
Cakes By Tracey:
Carlock's Bakery:
Cavallaros Sweet Indulgence:
Celebration Cakes:
Celebrity Bakery:
Cinderella Cakes:
CoCo Luxe Pastry:
Colette Cakes:
Continental Pastry Inc.:
Cooks Wedding Cakes:
Creative Cakes, Inc.:
Creative Celebrations:
Cupcake Tree:
Custom Cake Design:
David Cakes of Distinction:
Earlene's Cakes:
Elegant Cheese Cakes: -or-
Fancy Cakes by Lauren:
Fancy Cakes by Leslie:
Felix's Caketeria:
Floral Atmo:
Frosted Art:
Gail Watson Cake:
Gateaux, Inc.:
Handy Carousel of Cakes:
Have Your Cake and Eat It:
Heidelberg Wedding Cakes:
Helen Houlden Cakes:
Icing on the Cake:
International Cake Exploration Societe:
It's a Piece of Cake Bakery:
J. Bauer Sculpted Wedding Cakes:
Jacques Pastries:
Konditor Meister:
La Farine:
Let Them Eat Cake:
Little Venice Cakes Company:
Lucy Cake Shop:
Mike's Amazing Cakes:
Montecito Confections:
Morning Starr Creations Bakery:
New Renaissance Cakes:
Pacifico Soriano Designs:
Patricia's Wedding:
Planet Cake:
Purita Hyam Wedding Cakes:
Ron Ben-Israel Cakes:
Ross Moor Pastries:
Rum Cake Place:
Something Extra Cakery:
Sugar Cakes:
Sugar Florist:
Sugarcraft, Inc.:
Super Weddings:
Susie Q Cake Decorating:
Sweet Cakes:
Sweet Life:
Sweet Sophistication's:
Sweetie Pies:
Too Good To Eat:
Tosca Productions:
Unique Cakes:
Wedding Cake Online:
Wedding Cakes by Amy Hatwig:
Wedding Cakes by Dawna:
Wedding Cakes UK:
Wuollet Bakery:
Yenmart Pastry Art:


Blogger Peter said...

An awesome wedding cakes website I like that is not on your list is Cakes by Ann at


5:03 AM, February 26, 2008  
Blogger weddinglinklady said...

Thank you for the link! I added it to the list!!

11:21 AM, March 04, 2008  

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